When the bride and groom want to surprise their guests with a private concert and they invite amazing singer Leona Lewis than you know it’s going to be an outstanding wedding! It is even more outstanding when the bride also goes on stage to play the piano while Leona Lewis sings. We really had goosebumps and are still so overwhelmed by this amazing weekend at Waldhaus Flims we were allowed to capture. As we respect the privacy of our dear couple, we can’t show you that much, but the breathtaking airy floral design of Tabea Maria-Lisa and Leona Lewis on stage is enough to dive into this inexpressible delighted wedding weekend.

FLORAL DESIGN & STYLING: Tabea Maria-Lisa // SECRET CONCERT: Leona Lewis // VENUE: Waldhaus Flims // CHAIRS: Options // PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM: david&kathrin photography and film