wedding at Château De La Messardière, Saint-Tropez

Late summer gifted us four splendid days in the radiant embrace of Saint Tropez, where we were entrusted to freeze moments of a beautiful wedding. Though, in a nod to privacy and security, the couple decided that we could only share the surroundings rather than their faces – a choice we wholeheartedly respect!So let's peel back the curtain on the other facets of our stay. Picture the charming details, the soothing embrace of nature, and the delectable journey through local flavors. Saint Tropez unfolded before us, revealing an enchanting world that transcended the wedding buzz. Faces may remain in the shadows, but the heart of Château De La Messardière is ready to be shared.

PHOTOGRAPHY: David & Kathrin + M' creative directions. | VIDEOGRAPHY: David & Kathrin | PLANNING: Anna Let's celebrate | VENUE: Messardiere Saint Tropez | FLORAL DESIGN: D&X Events | CELEBRANT: Younique Ceremonies | MUSIC: KKCB + Moniek Boersma | STATIONERY: Glückwerk | BEACH CLUB: Jardin Tropezina

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